What is CURIO WEB ? | I’ll introduce activities details.


Welcome to CURIO WEB!!. I’ll explain “What is CURIO WEB ? ” in this article. If you interested in Japanese SDF, please cheek it.

What is CURIO WEB ?

CUREIO WEB is a website which explains the information concerning (Japanese) National Defense Academy to students aspiring the academy. National Defense Academy cultivate future officers of JSDF(Japan Self Defence Forces, sort of Japanese army). This academy belongs to JGSDF(Japan Grand Defence Forces) and is called NDA for short. The students of this academy learn academic subject, play club activity and do army drill. The content of this site is what should you do before entering NDA, the awful thing in NDA, the amenity facilities around NDA and so on.

Who is running CURIO WEB ?

This website is run by Student Solork, so this article is written by Student Solork. I was the member of NDA and quited NDA on June, 2023. As I have done a lot of mistake, I thought that I wanted to spread information of my mistake to delete the student who experience mistake like me. Because of this, this website contains abundant useful tips to resist NDA’s hard environment.

By the way, I am learning English to become doctor, so please don’t blame me even if my English is awful.


This website is run to spread information of NDA to all over world by Student Solork. If you have any question, pleas ask me from this questionnaire. I hope that I can see you in next page. Have a nice day !!