【Important】To all readers who visit CURIO WEB first time


There are two important what I have to tell to all readers who visit CURIO WEB first time. They are “information treated in the website” and “mistakes of English in the website”.

Information treated in CURIO WEB

In this website, information concerning National Defense Academy (of Japan) is treated. The source of information are books, data library, experiences of Student Solork, writer of CURIO WEB, etc. Especially, experiences of Stuednt Solork has a large portion of the website’s information. Therefore, information of CURIO WEB may be subjective.

Mistakes of English in CURIO WEB

As Student Solork, the writer of CURIO WEB, is not native speaker of English, mistakes of words and grammar in the website occurs sometimes. There is aspects of wrtinig English pages that I want to improve my writing skills. Please go easy on me.